$ 3.52

Rayovac Industrial AAA Battery (RA-AAA)

1.5V Alkaline Battery

8/Sleeve 96/Case

[Data Sheet]   [Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)]

Built to exceed the performance demands of industrial applications, Ultra Pro Rayovac AAA battery is a high quality alkaline battery.

The Rayovac AAA battery operates reliably in temperature extremes of -30° C to 55° C. Each Rayovac AAA battery has a minimum 5 year shelf life and is date coded with the expiration month and year stamped on each battery. Rayovac AAA battery contains no added mercury. Special disposal not required.

Cross Reference/Replaces:

24AC, 24A, 824, AL-AAA, 7526, AM4, E92, MN2400, PC2400, ALAAA, Triple A, LR03

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